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Gun ownership is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and the government should not have any restrictions, even on so-called "assault style" weapons and handguns.*
The United States should not go to war to defend Israel.*
A U.S. border wall would be ineffective in halting illegal immigration.*
It is necessary for the federal government to have warrantless surveillance abilities on American citizens to protect national security.*
Minimum wage laws contribute to unemployment.*
No one should be required to pay dues or other fees to a union as a condition of employment.*
A "limited constitutional convention" (also known as an Article V convention or con-con) would be a dangerous experiment, which would put our Constitutional rights in jeopardy.*
There is enough evidence to believe that some elements of the U.S. government were complicit with the 9/11 attacks.*
Direct democratic action by the voters (i.e. “Referendums” or “Voter Initiatives”) is a better way of getting needed policy change than the legislative process.*
Climate change is an undeniable threat that requires expansive government action to curb carbon emissions.*
Marijuana should be legalized or decriminalized for recreational use.*
Marriage should be defined as one man and one woman only.*
States have the right to reject (nullify) unconstitutional federal mandates.*
Confederate monuments should be torn down.*
Where do you stand on abortion?*
Does the federal government have the Constitutional authority to ban abortions?*